Professional Training

We Provide Professional Training through Seminars and Sponsorship for special Training Programs to Our Lic agents.


Flexible Working

We Are Giving Option to earn as much as you want For Candidate, Who Want To Become LIC Advisor.(Part Time / Full Time).


Success on Business

You have ideas, goals, and dreams. We have a culturally diverse, forward thinking team looking for talent like you.

We Want to Help You Join LIC as an Advisor For Successful Life.

Anyone can Join LIC of India As An Insurance Advisor (Part Time or Full Time).

Free Regular Training with Breakfast, Lunch & Tea

Assistant for clerical job

Free monthly magazine

Monthly printed/online report of your performance

Educational seminar at every 3 months

Flexible according to your present job

Awards and Recognization

For Part-time Joiners, special Regular Training on Sundays

Join Lic

Best Agents

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Refer And Help Others

our mission in lic

Help if you want:-

You can also refer any of your relatives, friends, neighbours, job mates or any person who need a part time work for extra income without leaving their current job, business, work.

For this no need of any prior experience & qualification.

Full training & support will be provided to handle their expenses like retirement, child education, family expenses etc.