• Prepare a list of people your closed/near & dear persons whom you think need professional help in financial planning OR who want to become a good father, mother, husband,son,wife,grandparents etc. by performing his duties nicely.
  • Discuss & know about all of his liabilities
  • Prioritize all these liabilities in immediate,important,urgent category depending on that person’s perceived need & actual need of situation.
  • Assess the monetary value needed against that liability event occurrence within the planned future time frame by considering the inflation rate also.
  • Assets with them currently & their economic value depending on depreciation, natural calamity, theft, disease, legal complication etc.
  • Assets to liability matching.
  • Analyze the short fall depending on the difference between their assets & liability at present & considering future planned, unplanned & immediate sudden expences depending on various actual needs of LIFE & KARM.
  • Suggest ways & methods available in the market to fulfill this short fall & among them all why LIC is the best option.
  • Help them by explaining and aligning the needs short fall with the various FINANCIAL PLANNING option available with LIC along with completing the documentation process & formalities for putting up a proposal in LIC to get registered .
  • If LIC finds the proposal all in good faith .It will enter into a legal financial contract by keeping GOVERNMENT OF INDIA as a guarantor on his behalf as if in any unforeseen circumstances LIC is not able to pay back the money then INDIAN GOVERNMENT is responsible to pay back all you money along with other financial benefits as decided in the financial contract.
  • Revisit & check if that family is finding any problem while using the LIC suggested method to fill the financial short fall gap.
  • Take 10 references of that person for those who also want to be a good father, husband etc. Or to do financial planning.



  • Whatever an DISTRIBUTOR, BUSINESS PARTNER, FRANCHISE OWNER, DEALER, PROMOTER, BROKER, PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANT, does you have to do the same but with high & lifelong royalty income benefit and no investment.
  • TO teach planning in financial matters.
  • TO provide professional guidance/consultancy to people in Money Management
  • To help in financial planning.
  • To help in problem solving:-To meet people (known &UN known) Make friends, know their problem (financial problem) solve it with the solutions which LIC have.
  • To work for society welfare-HUMANITY=>child marriage, child education, retirement planning etc.
  • To work for country welfare.(LIC money invested in government projects)
  • Be a "DEV DOOT" higher status and respect than a MBBS doctor in society.
  • To teach people how to make their money to work for them.
  • To sell & spread health, happiness & knowledge
  • Make PENSION provision for non-government employees or people.
  • Hedging of financial risks in personal, professional & business life.


LIC will give you a bag of seeds of dreams/Money Plant after checking that if you can take care of this seed and use it in a right way as it is very valuable seed & so cannot be distributed to anyone. And once you become the lucky one to get this seed bag. Now you need to plant this money plant seeds in different family depending on their needs & expectation. This seed will later grow into a fruit (money) giving tree & finally help to fulfill the dreams of the family to whom you have given the seed .The more need based seed planting you do and help the family in making the seed into a tree giving fruits (money) & again helping them to break & eat this fruit (money) as & when needed.

We do this every day, day in and out every time every day selling our thoughts,personality,dressing,confidence ETC. SELLING---------------------------------SELLING-------------------------------------SELLING-----------------------------------------SELLING But now only needed to be done in a more professional & trained approach. {Fill in form DTA 300 (TEAM 5341) to be in a more detailed & specific discussion)

For giving some good guidance & suggestion or advice we should it at the earliest by seeing the right time and opportunity as your small initiative would change the life of someone close to you or a needy person for that piece of guidance {To be in a more detailed & specific discussion kindly tell us your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly work schedule or events}

This is the only profession which can be done along with your current job,business,profession to increase your income , get social recognition and also full fill your dreamscome true.

Any person (male /female) who is interested in making a career with LIC as an agent can apply NO NEED OF:-

  • Any prior experience.
  • Age limit no bar(Minimum 18 years old), even retired persons can apply.
  • Compromising on your current timing allotted for Business,Service, professionals, consultanting.
  • daily office going
  • Reporting to any one
  • target

No Compromise On: - Your current job (government/private),business,responsibilities,profession etc. On our commitments and support