In DTA 300+ (TEAM 5341)

DTA 300 + (TEAM 5341) is a team made up of individuals who dare to dream and also have the courage to set the targets which ultimately act as mile stones to achieve their dreams and prove themselves that the burning fire of passion in them will make them to achieve what they want to achieve.


WORK SYSTEM IS => focused on building a rewarding career as a “BUSINESS PARTNER" by planning your year book.

  • Identifying initial market (project-200) P-200
  • Initial market worksheet [from New Year]
  • Individual customer data sheet updation.
  • Fact finding
  • Survey
  • Prepare a case study
  • Service support if needed.
  • Objection handling
  • Closing
  • Take reference
  • Prospecting through Referral [R-600-New Year]
  • Career Orientation [All Club Membership]
  • Business Empire [MDRT]
  • Dreams management and fulfillment [COT]
  • Royalty Income[TOT]

WORK CULTURE IS => Targeted on making our business partners independent in their business.

  • Training and development for each agent
  • Goal Setting [ personal,professional,LIC ]
  • Motivational factor/driving force.
  • Time Management
  • Individual agents [P-200]
  • Detail family history & Bio Data of each agent
  • Personality Trait, Psychometric Test
  • SWOT
  • P-600 list of customers, individual customer data sheet updation from referral & cold canvasing market
  • Evaluation of Training & Development

WORK ENVIORNMENT IS => Committed for individual agents focused career growth.

  • Goal Setting / Dreams Management [on areas agency, life (personal, public), family, work] 10 years from now // 5 years from now // current year // half yearly // quarterly // monthly // daily
  • Need analysis on Areas
  • SWOT analysis on area
  • Time management with agent’s exact daily duties, tasks, role & responsibilities and aligning it with agency work to show positive points to do business
  • Skill GAP analysis, personality traits, cultural back ground, behavioral patterns, mood swings etc.
  • Designing => training program, training schedule, training module, training evaluation, training calendar
  • Check Point, Review & follow up system at each stage of insurance sales process
  • Each stage of sales process backed by training, development, review, feedback & evaluation system